How to save money on batteries and help protect the environment.

Millions of batteries are thrown away each year even when they still have lots of useful life left in them.

Why? Because there’s been no convenient way to test them before throwing them out.
But now, BatRecycle Smart Battery Disposal makes it a breeze.

BatRecycle displays instantaneous results for GOOD, PASS and FAIL, allowing you to put only ‘dead’ batteries in its convenient disposal bin. All other batteries can be kept for re-use.

The bin is big enough to hold batteries from an average household’s yearly use. When full, you simply take it to your nearest battery recycling collection point, empty it for free, and take it home again.

The result? You save money and the environment benefits too.

BatRecycle Smart Battery Disposal helps you make more efficient use of batteries and at the same time you ensure they go only for approved recycling rather than creating long-term contamination in landfill sites.

BatRecycle Smart Battery Disposal will make you feel very pleased with yourself - in your pocket, in your home and in your world..